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I'm sorry...really I didn't see you....

First of all….I apologize.  For what you might ask.  For forgetting my manners just a bit more often than I’m comfortable with.   Like right now would be a great example as I launch into a tirade about the lack of good old-fashioned but never ever out of style manners when you wanted to read some good makeup tips.  And what does this have to do with beauty?  Bad manners are ugly…enough said.

We’ve all experienced the door closing in our faces or the scramble of people climbing over us to get into an elevator as we desperately try to exit.  What are they thinking?  Well…that just it…they are not thinking.  We are all in such a darn hurry to get somewhere, text or email or even eat our meals that we’ve forgetting how elegant it is to move smoothly through a room and how gracious it looks to hold a door for complete strangers.  So here’s a quick cheat sheet of the absolute must have manners:

  • Hold the door … look behind you and see if anyone is approaching and pay attention to who might be exiting. 
  • Let a car in your lane…no one is traveling the speed of light and letting someone in is not going to mess up your whole day.
  • Do not text while visiting with a friend, business associate or date.  If it’s really important excuse yourself and take care of it out of sight.  This goes for phone calls too.  We all deserve 100% of someone attention or we shouldn’t be there.
  • Please and thank you can go a long way in all environments along with a smile!
  • When someone says “no” I believe they mean NO.  Harassing the poor soul that is simply stating their decision is not friendly.
  • As my husband likes to tell me “no one loves your dog the way you do”.  This isn’t really about your dog…it’s about talking too much about ourselves thinking it should be utterly fascinating to everyone.  It’s not.  Much better to ask questions and listen intently to people.

Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter which fork you use. ~Emily Post