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First off I know this sounds a bit crazy….but hear me out.  I have a good friend Kristine who just happens to make the BEST FUDGE IN THE WORLD…Yes, I said it and it’s true.  Just try it once and you’ll sell your soul to get more (very slight exaggeration)

Yummy Creamy Fat Cat Fudge

So this morning as I’m getting ready to go out for a nice sunny Sunday run I first check in with Facebook and see that Kristine is doing a demo at Central Market (just in time for Valentines Day)….hmmm….run some…eat some fudge…run some more…this could work.

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After running 5 miles I slip into the market and grab my free sample.  As it melts deliciously in my mouth I reminded of all those feel good things in life…you know “whiskers on kittens, blue satin sashes and snowflakes that fall on my nose and eyelashes” and Fat Cat Fudge!

What a wonderful way to enjoy the day!


Kristine and Leslie