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right foundation

After working three days at the Northwest Women’s Show in Seattle I learned a few things.  One wear much more comfortable shoes when you stand on concrete. And two is most women have no idea what the right shade of foundation should be.  I was asked repeatedly to apply a darker shade to women so they wouldn’t look “washed out”   ummm…yea…that is not doing what you think….Everyone (please underline everyone) can see you have a dark makeup on that does not match if that is what you’re doing (please gently pass this blog post to a friend if this is them)  There are much better ways to add color to the skin tone.

So, here some help:

  • Put a long swipe of color on your lower jaw and extend down to neck.
  • Take a good hard look at both your face and neck….does it blend in and look like it’s not there?  It should if it’s correct!
  • Add bronzer around perimeter of face to add some depth of color (not in the middle of your face)
  • Choose a blusher that looks natural and soft
  • Blend all with a large brush to give an all over glow
  • If you are over 45 please buy a 10X magnifying mirror.  It’s tough to look at a blown up version of yourself but you will see what you really look like before anyone else does!