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Today was a great day! Today a new client came into the Salon. She wasn’t really sure what she wanted but was a bit thrown back when she first entered the salon. I think she just didn’t know what to expect. There is so much to look at all at once. Lights, jewelery, mirrors and of course getting just in the door past Gracie (our wheaten terrier gives everyone “the wheaten greeten”) can be daunting.  Once I had her in my chair I think she felt bit more relaxed. I gave her my usual what would you like today? She didn’t have many words but just by her huge smile I knew she was feeling comfortable about being my client. She was all smiles and happiness right up to the point I was finished….What? I have to leave now? NO this can’t be! I’m sure she was thinking.   She really really didn’t want to vacate my chair but unlike most of my clients she felt it important to voice.  So she did what she thought best in this kind of situation and pitched a fit …crying.

After a day or two I’m sure she’ll remember her first haircut experience with the same fondness I do now. I look forward to a long wonderful relationship with my new client…I just know we’re going to have a lot of fun in the salon!

First Haircut!