Last night after a day full of wonderful clients (you know who you are!) I was having a great evening relaxing with a glass of wine and visiting with my little nieces and then it happened!  The lovely women Jami who cleans our house each week asks me if her hair looks alright….?????

She tells me this story of how she splurged on a hair at Gene Juarez Northgate the night before and when she got home realized the cut was very uneven.  Even though she had a crazy busy day booked for Saturday she headed back in to Gene Juarez salon to have someone fix her hair.

Now, this is where the story really gets my blood boiling.  Instead of doing what us professional stylists do which is act professional she was treated to a “What seems to be the problem” from a stylist and an overseer (still not sure why an extra was called in to witness the event)  After looking at her hair and carefully measuring all lengths the stylist proudly declared there was NOTHING wrong with her hair and she just needed a few weeks to get used to it.  After clipping and thinning here and there she sent Jami on her way.

I’m hearing this story as I comb through and see what possibly is the WORST haircut ever witnessed by me and I’ve seen some pretty scary haircuts.  One side was 3/4″longer than the other and the layering had a massively long section that was impossible to ignore.  There where crazy chunks cut out that made absolutely no sense.  Don’t get me started on the bizarre angles I kept finding.

Okay, so now the point of this besides my sincere need to vent all this anger.  Do not let us “professionals” bully you!  It’s our job to make sure you are happy and able to style your hair.  If your stylist is not working with you to your satisfaction do complain to the salon manager.  You deserve better my friend and you need to demand it!