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Every thought about running a 5K?  Well here’s your chance to train and run with Wetherholt Salon at the Fabulous Women of Wonder race at Greenlake!  On Sunday September 13th we will have a “beauty tent” where you can have your runners makeup applied by our gloMinerals experts 20110316_wetherholt_salon_105and then off you go in all your splendor and glow to run your 5K.  We will have professional sports photographer Steven Bisig on site to photograph your magnificence along with post race celebration party not to be missed!

Coach Lesley has generously given us this training plan to get you going.   She will be at the tent to cheer you on and give you last minute advise.

Coach Lesley

Coach Lesley

First step is to sign up for the Women of Wonder Race.  Make sure you have decent running shoes.  My favorite place for a good fitting is Super Jock n Jill.

Make fitness a priority for these 4 weeks. Aim for 4 workouts a week and any more than that are bonus.  It can be easier if you have a training pal or two to join you.

Maybe something like
Monday – Off
Tuesday – Run/walk day
Wednesday – cross train – 30:00 minutes of non-impact cardio
Thursday- Run/walk day
Friday: Off
Saturday: Run/walk day
Sunday: Walk, yoga, stretching or gentle active play
Week of August 17th:
Run Walk # 1 – 25-30:00 minutes
Start with a 5:00 walk and then alternate run 3:00/walk 3:00 for the remainder of the time
Run Walk # 2 – 20:00- 30:00 minutes
Walk 5:00, jog 5:00, walk 3:00, jog 5:00, walk 3:00. End here or if up to it  jog 5:00 more and walk the remainder of the time
Run Walk  # 3 – 2.5 miles
Run/walk in a pattern comfortable to you. If you have been training and are up for more extend this to 3.0 miles.
Week of August 24th:
Run Walk  # 1 – 30:00 minutes
Start with a 3:00 walk and then alternate a 4:00-7:00 run with /walk 3:00 for the remainder of the time
Run Walk # 2 – 25:00- 35:00 minutes
Walk 2:00, jog 8:00 – 10:00 alternating
Run Walk # 3 – 3.0 miles
Alternate (walk 2:00, run 1.0 – 1.5 mile alternating)
Week of August 31st:
Run Walk  # 1 – 30:00
Start with a 2:00 walk and then alternate run 5:00/walk 2:00 for the remainder of the time
Run Walk  # 2 – 35:00
(Walk 1:00, run 10:00, walk 1:00, run 10:00) – repeat the remainder of the time
Run Walk  # 3 – 3.0 miles
Alternate (walk 2:00/run 1.5-2.0 miles)
Week of September 7th: Week of  WOW**
Run Walk # 1 – 35:00
(Walk 3:00, alternate 5:00 run, 30s walk)30:00
Start with a 5:00 walk and then alternate run 3:00/walk 3:00 for the remainder of the time
Run Walk # 2 – 3.0 miles
Walk 0.25 mile, run 2.0 miles, walk 0.25, run 0.5
Run# 33.1 miles – WOW!!! You did it!!
** make sure to stay off your feet as much as you can the day before WOW
**error on the side of less is more this week and let your body and mind recover