How to go about picking that perfect red…intimidating right?  When we see done right it’s art in motion.  When done wrong…well you know.  So here are some general rules.

Remember too that rules are made to be broken and trying on reds is the best way to see what is a great fit.  So come on in  to salon and let’s play with color!

Choose a cooler red if:

  • Look much better in silver
  • Your skin is cool -peachy beige or red undertone
  • Eyes are Blue, Green, Hazel or Golden Brown

Red with blue undertones

Choose a warmer red if:

  •  Look better in gold
  • Your skin is warm – Golden, Natural, Tawny or Chestnut
  • Eyes are Black, Dark Brown or Steely Blue
Warm Red Lips

Warm Red Lips

Side note:  You can always cool down or warm up a red by topping it with a gloss.