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During this crazy fast moving month of December I receive a multitude of  lovely gifts from my clients that represent how they appreciate the services I provide over the year.  I’m often surprised and always delighted by these gestures.  I remember the thoughtfulness long after the Holidays are over.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to assist a client with makeup application.  I was supposed to be the teacher and her the pupil.  She claimed to be a fast astute learner and she was.  Mimicking each movement of the brush exactly on the right side of her face after I demonstrated on the left side.

Her makeup looked beautiful and I told her so with great enthusiasm! shimmerbrick for poster

She purchased the gloMinerals pressed foundation, hibiscus blusher, Shimmer Brick in Gleam , Luxe foundation brush and last but certainly not least Plum Glaze lip gloss.   She left with her new luxury makeup in one hand and her collapsible  mobility cane in the other headed for home.

What was the gift I got?  Besides a very generous tip, the gift I will definitely remember is I got a lesson that being blind doesn’t mean not seeing.  And never assume anyone is helpless based on what you “see”.

Best gift ever!